Developers are able to implement SMMRY into a variety of applications. Developers will need a SMMRY API key in order to access the API.


To receive an API key, you'll need a Partner account.

To get started you'll need to register for a free account. Once registered head to the partner page and click upgrade. An API key will be generated automatically.


The SMMRY API has two modes, Free and Full:

Free: 100 free API requests can be made daily, each request must be at least 10 seconds apart. If a request was made too soon, the API will wait the required time before fulfilling the request.

Full: An unlimited amount of requests can be made with no wait required between requests. A credit normally costs $0.001, and when purchased in bulk the cost can be as low as $0.00045. When you make an API request we'll deduct 1 credit per 500 characters returned by the API (only summarized content is counted). We'll deduct an additional 8 credits if the article has not been previously submitted and summarized by the algorithm. Please note when credit costs are being calculated, decimals are rounded upwards.

You can switch between modes via your Partner account page. (you can also find your API key listed there!)


The API request must be made to The returned response will be encoded in JSON.


SM_API_KEY=N  Required, your API key.
SM_URL=X  Optional, the webpage to summarize.
SM_LENGTH=N  Optional, the number of sentences returned, default 7.
SM_KEYWORD_COUNT=N  Optional, the number of keywords to return.
SM_WITH_BREAK  Optional, inserts the string [BREAK] between sentences.
SM_WITH_ENCODE  Optional, converts HTML entities to their applicable chars.
SM_IGNORE_LENGTH  Optional, returns summary regardless of quality or length.
SM_QUOTE_AVOID  Optional, sentences with quotations will be excluded.
SM_QUESTION_AVOID  Optional, sentences with question will be excluded.
SM_EXCLAMATION_AVOID  Optional, sentences with exclamation marks will be excluded.

JSON Payload Response

sm_api_message  Contains notices, warnings, and error messages.
sm_api_character_count  Contains the amount of characters returned.
sm_api_title  Contains the title when available.
sm_api_content  Contains the summary.
sm_api_keyword_array  Contains top ranked keywords in descending order.
sm_api_error  Contains error code.

The maximum number of sentences returned is 40.


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